Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Download Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr Custom Built with Useful pplications

If You do not have Ubuntu Linux Operating System In your computer, You may download it from here

Direct Download:

Torrent Download :

The download link provided here is a custom built one with some popular Application pre-installed (3.7 GB size). So that You don’t have to to download each one individually.


The Original version (1.0 GB Size) from the official Ubuntu Website http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop

The latest version is  - Ubuntu 14.04 code named Trusty Tahr 

Screen shot of Ubuntu 14.04 Unity Application Launcher

For installing this burn the ".iso" image (3.7 GB) in to a DVD or flash drive. Right click on the iso image and click write to disk using k3b/brasero in Linux or Windows DVD burning tool. The custom-dist.iso.md5 is for integrity checking, so you don't have to do anything using that.

For Creating a boot-able Ubuntu USB flash drive in Ubuntu/Linux, format your usb drive then right click on the iso file download and click "open with">Disk image writer>select the usb drive>click "start restoring">the image will be wriiten to the pen/flash drive ready for booting.

If you are using Windows. For creating a bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive from the image istall the "unetbootin.exe" from the folder and select the iso image to burn to a flash drive.

Reboot the system and the DVD will be booted with a menu. You may select the "Boot Live CD to to run the OS from DVD itself or click Install right away. If you choose to boot as Live CD, you can install from the inside too. If you have already Windows installed it will recognize it and install Ubuntu in a separate partition. If you want to make a new partition, you may choose the partition type as Ext4(Standard) XFS(Very fast for copying Large files) etc. But at least one of the partition should be created as boot partition ie. with "/". You can have separate partition for your personal files as "Home"partition or just one partition for everything. When installation completes system rebooted with menu for selecting Ubuntu/ Windows to load.

If you already have Ubuntu installed, you can upgrade to 14.04 by adding this source  DVD from System settings> software and updates> Install from DVD/CD rom and then open a terminal using "Ctrl+T" and type "sudo apt-get update" and then "sudo apt-get upgrade"

In addition to the Application available in the official Ubuntu CD, The following applications are bundled with this DVD.

1. Amarok (Click to see website)  - A stylish and best quality music player

Click To Enlarge
 - Sound Quality is one of the best.
 - Its better than Thythmbox, I feel.
 - User Interface is very Nice
 - Automatically Download Photo of Artis,   Information’s and Lyrics of the song from Internet.
  Automatically scan the selcted folder for new songs.
- Nicely Fade out the song when stopped.

2. Android Studio - Complete software development kit for making android   applications (updated to the latest version with Android L preview and Open Java Development Kit pre installed)

- Build by Google specilly for Android development  modifying Intellij platform.
- Very Nice User Interface.
- But Slow compared to Eclipse
- Build system is better according to reviews.
- Emulator is slow in launching so far.

3. Artha- An English dictionary with meaning and thesaurus.

4. Blender - A Popular graphics and animation application



5. Calender Indicator - Application to enable synchronizing with Google calender


6. Deluge - A Nice and fast Torrent Client, better than Transmission.


6. Dropbox - Desktop extension for the File uploading Website.

7. GDebi package installer - fast package installer like synaptic


8. GIMP- A Professional Open source Image editor like Photoshop

 - Very good image manipulation Application
 - A little difficult to learn but once you learned it so easy to use ans useful too.
- Very useful with lot of great features.
- watch a video tutorial here


9. Google Chrome - web browser

10.Google keep - Application for taking notes in Android phone with synchronization with Ubuntu.

11. Iso master - for modifying disk images
12. K3b - Stylish and Most useful DVD/CD burning app

 - Better than Bresero
 - Fast and writes with less errors
 - Nice User Interface


13. Libre Cad - A simple Auto CAD programme.


14. Modem Manager - Application for managing your 3G dongle. with data balance check and sms receiver

 - Recive sms from your service provider through your 3g dongle
- Support USSD for Balance Enquiery etc
-  Data usage graphs with option for setting limit for data


15. Openshot Video editor - A simple UI Video editor with most functions, though tricky to use.

- Watch ta video tutorial here


16. Opera web browser


17. Remastersys - For making Installation/Live CD from your Linux Installation like the one provided in the download link. It can be for back up the entire system to a DVD too


18. SM Player - A Superior Quality video Player.


19. Sound Converter - Converting many types of audio files

 - support conversion between popular format like ogg, flac, wav, wma, mp3,  etc


20. Thunderbird mail client


21. Transmageddon - video files converter application.

 - support conversion of video formats like avi,flv,webm,mp4,mpeg etc


22. Ubuntu SDK (using QT creator) - A Software development kit for making Applications for Ubuntu OS, Ubuntu Touch, HTML 5


22. VLC media player - vlc plays all the media files used today.


23. YPPA - for easily adding PPA to Apt source

24. Xnote - for simply making notes in desktop


25. Restricted Extras - for playing All proprietary media formats like mp3, flash etc.

26. Nautils option to open terminal from any directories

Thank You. Have a Nice Day !